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The big advantage of Backstroke is that your mouth is generally above the water surface all the time, and so it is easier to breathe. Michael Phelps learned backStroke before any of the other strokes because as a child he was afraid to put his head in the water! Arm speed, body rotation, and a strong kick are critical factors in good backstroke technique

BODY POSITION                                               

“Posture-Line-Balance” as in Freestyle, just in the opposite position.

line runs from the top of head to feet.

Lead with top of head, eyes looking up

Water frames the face - both ears remain in

“L” finger position at throat for alignment check


Simple, Don’t let the hands stop at entry or exit phase of stroke


Relax -  Shoulders and back open. This helps to bring hips up                                                                Straight  recovery arm with hand entry opposite the shoulders

Enter little finger 1st - exit opposite hip.                              

Thumb pointing upward during sweep

At the catch, let hand follow the natural line to finish at the hip