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The most complex stroke to master -  If you swim it properly! There is a misconception that Breaststroke is the easiest stroke for beginners because of the elevated head position when taking a breath. In fact it is the most inefficient of the 4 swimming strokes , and to really do it well requires excellent technique.



Focus on “riding the line” at the surface of the water.

Focus on “striking the line” at the surface of the water.

Don’t let the hands drop down when shooting forward to finish the pull.

Bring the hips forward to finish the kick and the stroke



Should almost be back to the streamline position before the kick



Not looking up or lifting to breathe

Hands hesitating at the chest or under the chin during the pull.                                   

Kicking back versus kicking too wide and letting go of water

Many swim too flat and don't use the hips

The key to most IM success is the Breaststroke