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one of the most difficult strokes to master yet a lot easier once you know how.

Jonathan Teaches regular Butterfly and Glide-Butterfly (see video). Many swimmers find Butterfly difficult to master, but with the right method and sequence of learning it is not as difficult as one might think.


Importance of the core

Stay close to the surface with a flatter position versus an up and down motion

Use the longest body line possible.

Dolphins at play on the surface of the water

Start the kick at the armpit/chest area and use body, not just the knees

develop focus on fast feet by kicking on back

Kick with face in using board ( breathe every 3-4 kicks )

Recommend fly with standard fins for young swimmers (not "zoomers")



Work on starting the breath on the entry of the hands, so that actual breath is

when hands are under chin and finishing when hands are ready to exit at the  back


Use the body, not just the knees to kick.

Break the habit of big, slow kicking “Whale tales.”

Look up (and down) to breathe.

Don't Lift the  elbows to start the recovery stroke, instead stay low and relaxed while finishing the stroke with the fingertips.