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Jonathan works at an advanced level with competitive pool swimmers. Most of his swimmers currently feature in the top 20 of competitive swimmers in Israel ( names and recommendations supplied on request)

Courses include ( note each course focuses on one style ):

Jonatan uses his advanced credentials in swim technique and video analysis to help guide swimmers to faster swim times. The focus is on technique and covers  all aspects of the sport: freestyle, Butterfly, Breaststroke, Backstroke, Individual Medley, starts, turns, underwater dolphin kick, pacing and race strategy. 

 Video analysis session - 90 minute session including filming, swim analysis and feedback as well as a session in the pool focusing on the most important stroke corrections.

Green  12-pack course:  includes video analysis, and a series of lessons which aim to gradually and effectively guide and develop the young swimmer ( 9-14 yrs)

Blue  6-pack course : includes video analysis, with all lessons aimed at finding and correcting technique problems , and speed improvement. This course is suggested for older league swimmers (15+ yrs) that already achieve fast times but want to improve their place in the national rankings. 

Starts - 1 hour lesson on correct positioning and use of propulsive forces during the start (small groups can be arranged)

Turns 1 hour lesson - take seconds off your best times with fast turn techniques (small groups can be arranged)

Underwater dolphin kick   Otherwise known as the 5th Stroke. No serious competitive swimmer can achieve success without a great dolphin kick. (small groups can be arranged)


Jonathan also offers specialised training for small groups of competitive swimmers.