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Let's take a look at some practical examples and see how the front quadrant method works and how it affects our body during swimming.

Friends! Don’t struggle with the water! Let me show you the Front Quadrant Method. I have devised an easy to learn swim course which combines the well known Front Quadrant technique combined with the way our bodies behave in the water. It is an especially effective method for those who do not know how to swim Freestyle or have very little background in swimming. Learn how to swim long distances effortlessly in 8 easy to understand lessons.

Front quadrant swimming has been a well-known technique in the swimming world for many years and used mainly by professional swimmers and triathletes who swim very fast.

 Simply put,during the arm cycle in the water (completing one full movement) there is always one hand in the front of the shoulders. So I took this principle and combined it with the way the body behaves in water and created a unique method by which anyone can learn to swim easily, effectively, with little effort for long periods of time.