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For many years I researched video analysis techniques and methodology. I performed video analysis of professional swimmers above and below the water. I also spent time with Para-Olympic swimmers with disabilities and tried to understand how some of them swim faster than non-disabled swimmers


I have developed a method designed not only to help swimmers analyze their mistakes when it comes to swimming technique, but also to help swimmers develop the swimming technique that best suits their body type and swimming style.

Beginners: Jonathan took his experience and knowledge and combined it with the way the body behaves in water and created a unique method by which anyone can learn to swim easily, efficiently, for a long time effortlessly and non-stop.

Who is Jonathan Selby?

Jonathan Selby

In addition to being parent of a competitive swimmer, Jonathan Selby is a technique analyst, swimming coach, and biomechanics expert.

Swim Coach

He trains technique for improving performance. He has a background in triathlon and open water swimming. He works at an advanced level with competitive league swimmers.

Clients Include:


ועוד יותר מטריאתלון, מים פתוחים וליגה

Coaching Services


מים פתוחים


מים פתוחים


מים פתוחים


open water


Front quadrant method

כבר במפגש הראשון עם ג'ונתן סלבי הבנתי שאנו הולכים לחוות משהו שונה ומיוחד.    שמחתי מאד להכיר את ג'ונתן ואני ממליצה בחום לכל מי שלוקח את השחיה ברצינות להתייעץ עימו. שווה כל רגע וכל שקל. ליסה רביבי (הפועל ירושלים)

ליסה רביבי

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