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Jonathan Selby - Swim Performance Coach

Jonathan comes from a swimming background in South Africa, were as a young athlete he represented his college swim team and water polo team. He did what his coaches advised him to do, but always felt that there was something ‘missing’.

Then, shortly immigrating to Israel in 2007 something happened to change his approach to swimming completely! As a result he returned to swimming at the age of 50 and swam a sub-20 minute 1,500m! He also won several gold medals in his category for Open Water events.

What happened? In a word, “technology”! A cheap underwater camera that a training partner brought to the pool. Suddenly he was able to see what he was doing in the water, and he realised that what "felt" right did not necessarily reflect the reality of what was happening in the water! And so a burning desire began to understand why this discrepancy exists and how to assist swimmers understand and correct inefficient technique.

Jonathan spent the next 6 months investigating video analysis techniques and methodology.  He was invited to attend  a workshop at the University of Stirling, Scotland, with some of the top international athletes. He spent time with the Israeli Paralympic team, analyzing and trying to understand why some of them were faster than able-bodied swimmers. Then another 12 months filming and analysing competitive swimmers in Israel.

Footnote: Jonathan currently consults to two of the top Triathlon teams in the country, assists competitive league swimmers achieve faster times, and has developed his own method to assist beginners - of all ages and backgrounds - to become accomplished swimmers.