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 Green -  this is a 6-lesson course for triathletes and Open Water swimmers that swim slower than 2:00/100m and are ready to take their swimming to the next level. Includes video analysis, stroke correction and specific exercises.


Orange -  this is a 6-lesson advanced course for swimmers that swim faster than 2:00/100m. This course includes video analysis and teaches advanced propulsion and timing techniques.

Blue - this course is for more advanced swimmers who wish to increase their speed and maintain it for long distances. Known as Critical Swim speed (CSS), CSS is the maximum speed a swimmer can hold continuously for 1.5km. In this special 1-hour lesson we explain what CSS is, test your current CSS level , and explain and give you a program to improve it.

Jonatan has a background in Triathlon and Open Water swimming. He has spent time with Swim Smooth Head Coach Paul Newsome, and has won gold medals in his category.

Video Analysis Session -  A “quick fix” of sorts for the professional who travels a lot and does not have time to commit to regular lessons.  One 90 minute session at the pool which includes video analysis, feedback, stroke correction, and exercises for the swimmer to take home.

Open Water skills  - It is extremely important to open water swimmers that they swim straight and are able to navigate the waves, wind, currents and course layout correctly. This special 1-hour lesson focuses on sighting, drafting and correct technique for turning around buoys. Group lessons can be arranged.

Find Your Rhythm -  If you are a runner you will know that there is a fast but comfortable rhythm or pace that you can hold for a long distance or period of time. The same applies to swimming! However many swimmers have been trained to swim at one pace, or have simply never considered that there are other possibilities. In this special 1-hour course we find the correct cadence or rhythm for you based on  your height, weight and body structure